Sherlenne is a great professional woman to work with. She shifts very nicely and can make this clear in a very pleasant way if something is needed. By listening carefully to you, she can create what you have in mind. She dares and can let go of her own style to meet your demand. She also works very quickly and efficiently, what more do you want as a client.

I am very happy with our collaboration, which is why she is regularly working for me. Where would I be without her! A number of words that I think suit her are: flexibility, clarity and solution-oriented and a very pleasant personality.
If you have a job … then choose Sherlenne!


I got to know Sherlenne as a multi talent in the field of (multi) media design. She works quickly and precisely, has an eye for detail and is sensitive to the organization.

Both her online and offline productions always fit exactly within the image that a customer sketches. She can separate main and side issues very well, and is able to tell a complete story with minimal resources.

She is a pleasant, positive colleague and very valuable within a team. I recommend that anyone looking for a talented team player capable of carrying projects on their own to choose Sherlenne!


Sherlenne has a positive attitude and an honest designer with an eye for detail. She delivered the assignment well for me in a very short period of time. Excellent communication during the process and no fear to speak her mind.


I have experienced the collaboration very well. What I like is that you are always professional, make agreements and stick to them. And that you are clear about everything, both with communication and with your service. What I also like is that you are transparent and think along, you also gave several options for a design that I wanted and you gave your advice.
And when I texted you that the format was not entirely correct, you immediately fixed it.

So; fine cooperation!


I got to know Sherlenne as a cheerful, creative and loyal employee who has always done her job with great dedication and professionalism. She is a multi-deployable worker and always works in a very structured way. She does not have a 9 to 5 mentality and has done a lot of good work during her job.


You have absolutely been amazing! I appreciate the easy way of contact and I found you extremely professional and helpful. You gave me a nice offer for the budget that I had and delivered above expectations. I recommend everyone to choose Sherlenne if you want easy communication, fast delivery while maintaining quality design.


Fine cooperation. Is professional, punctual and helpful. Even afterwards I could ask Sherlenne for help and explanation.

Anoniem - Rotterdam
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